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Our mission is not to educate individuals about Two-House Theology. There are enough websites that cater to the novice for that purpose:

The Two Houses of Israel

Our mission is to affirm that the presuppositions of Dispensationalism and Covenantalism cannot be reconciled with Two-House Theology. Those who have accepted that the nation that was to bear the fruit of the vineyard was Ephraim (Mt 21:43) must conclude that predestination must be adhered to in eschatology in order to rightly divide the word. Covenantalists, who are usually Calvinists, pay lip-service to predestination but fallaciously perceive the OT prophecies concerning Israel’s restoration as conditional, which hardly agrees with predestination. Dispensationalists maintain the OT prophecies about the restoration of Israel were not conditional but in neglecting they were ordained for the second advent and not the first, rebuff predestination. The presuppositions of Preterism and Futurism are respectively built on Covenantalism and Dispensationalism. Consequently, the only eschatological discipline that can properly render the OT prophecies about Israel and the NT Revelation is Historicism, albeit, care must be taken to realize progressive revelation will correct the misrepresentations that have occurred in past generations. That is the mission of this website.

And lastly and as previously mentioned, the mission of this website is not to inform individuals about Two-House reality and neither is it to answer any gainsay against the reality. There are enough websites that do this also:   

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